MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Barrel of Pork
Paddy Duggan NFLD 2 Tape 2 Track 8
Cape Broyle Audio:

(Most of first verse obscured by noise on tape)

...on his last sleep lulled (?)

Now Isaac his brother exclaimed ________
His gold and his good they belong to myself
Now _______ his will l will just read it through
To see what poor Mose he would hsve me to do

Now his will it do run if l can’t… (Coughs)
Now his will it do run if l can't see to live
My gold and my good to my brother I’ll give
Upon this condition it's hard he must toil
For to bury my body in the old English soil

(Speaks) l don't know if I’m gonna sing that or not


Isaac tried every Captain but could not prevail
For none would agree with his body for to sail
And not to be balked he set quickly to work
And imported his brother as one barrel of pork

Now poor Mose he was chopped up...
Now Mose he was cut up with the chopper and knife
He never was cut up so much in his life
Isaac flew to his agent _____ carryin’ his pan (?)
And begged him to bury the poor pickled man

A few months after as he walked on the wharf
He met with the captain who saw his face towards (?)
Now well my good Captain as he looked all around
You delivered my barrel I hope safe and sound

Said the Captain, friend I say I’m sorry to say
That during our voyage we were cast away
When in sight of old England we __________
Our provision was scarce we were forced to

Break _______ hove out Isaac you're worse than a Turk
But surely you never opened my barrel of pork
Indeed but we did said the Captain unhuffed (?)
I’ll pay you a good price but it was mighty tough

Great God roared out Isaac as l am a sinner
You've eaten my poor brother Moses for dinner
Your brother said the Captain myself and the crew
Were ______ three days ___________ you

Oh now then friend Isaac you settled this work
I’ll pay for your brother although he was pork
Oh no no said Isaac as they chased one another
Now Our Lord won't allow us to sell our own brother

In the pocket the Captain was putting his gold
When Isaac espied him crying good Captain hold
l cannot take your cash for that brother of mine.
You can pay me you know for one barrel prime(?)


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