MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Mickey Burke
Paddy Duggan NFLD 2 Tape 2 Track 6
Cape Broyle Audio:

Leach: All right, all right Mr. Duggan anytime you're ready
Female voice (in background): Mickey Burke

Duggan (speaks): I'm gonna sing this song Mickey Burke
Leach: Okay
Duggan (speaks): You ready? I’ll do the best I can I’m no good to sing now especially at evening time.
(Sings): My name it is
(Speaks): No that's not it

Now once I was good looking boys but now I’ve sailed and done
I’m married to a woman over which ye'd make great fun
She has taken in a boarder by the name or Mickey Burke
Now he's a big strong fellow but seldom he do work

Now I will call in ___________'s house for buy a little pay
And I can take home my wages every Saturday
It's then my wife and Mickey Burke they'll both go on a spree
They'll tell me to go take a rest they has no use for me

Now every Monday morning when I’ll go to my work
My wife go on a ________ herself and Mickey Burke
They'll blow in all my wages on whiskey and rum
They will saddle to the village until payday next will come

Last Saturday night while shaving I was taken with surprise
Now when I was not minding her she blackened my two eyes
Now when I know that you can see it _________ to find
It was a rare fine time the other night that she knocked you out of joint

I raised my fist to strike her but Burke he tossed me out (?)
And through the kitchen window like a shot I disappeared
They licked me and they kicked me they beat me black and blue
I thought my name was _______ when they broke my face in two

It was on last St. Patrick's morning I complain of felling ill
I told my wife I couldn't go out she said I think you will
For the devil a thing is wrong with you unless it's sleepy head
When she caught me, caught me by the whisker and pulled me out of bed

I was threw out in the hallway like a shovel full of dust
Not a deuce of a thing was on me but of an inside shirt
I gave the door a tumble to which brought this boarder out
When he nearly paralysed me with a batter on the snout

Now I have a revolver shoot a thousand yards a day
And with it l am practising to shoot it out this day
And when I will go home I ________ the old crook I’m going to fight
I’ll shoot that dirty blackguard when I’ll meet him this night

And when that I am through with him I’ll put a fixin to my wife
For upon my word I do intend to live a happy life
I’ll have the cops to take her and put her into jail
May the devil take the first man who'll ever go her bail


Text: The singer relates his own sad story of a boarder named Mickey Burke who steals his wife, spends his hard earned money, and throws him out of his own home.

Tune : The singer stretches this predominantly quadruple tune into 5/4 at the ends of phrases.   The form is ABBA with the conventional higher range for the 'b' phrases and the tonality is major.

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