MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Raffle at Kilbride
Mr.Powers NFLD 2 Tape 2 Track 1
Tors Cove Audio:

Last Tuesday night l did attend to a raffle at Kilbride
The night being cold and chilly sure l _______ a drop inside
Myself and Dennis Dawson, Joe _____________________
We both rode off on horseback _____________________

We rode off with spirits light and happy ________ that we came to
We were ___________________________________________
And Hogan tumbled from his horse he could no longer ride
Sure l thought ___________________before we reached Kilbride

At length we came up to the stand and Hogan he gave a roar
He says come in and choose your partner for a hornpipe on the floor
l danced with Mrs. ______ Morre, till Dawson did me eye
And he stripped off in his shirttails there for the raffle at Kilbride

Oh Hogan hove up thirty-two and one-seventeen
The row took place when ties were called between Duggan and Tim Green
Sure l run myself the part to fight when Dawson did me eye

They smashed up lamps and crockery ware and kicked me in the side
Sure l thought my days was numbered there at the raffle at Kilbride

Hogan carried home the mare and tied her to a post
You could count her in 300 she was falling all the most
She had a picketed fence and gate chewed off an iron rail
She was going for my trousers and l caught her by the tail

Mr. Powers: (speaks) That's it sir... here
[This song is interrupted frequently by whistling noises and the sudden dying away of the sound]


History : Newfoundland moniker song

Text: The singer attends a raffle at Kilbride where a fight breaks out between his friend and Tim Green.  

Tune: Such poor quality that it is hard to distinguish features.

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