MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Behind the cold Iron Door
Hannah O'Brien NFLD 2 Tape 2 Track 11
Cape Broyle Audio:

Leach: You gonna sing Hannah?
Hannah: Yes
Leach: All right what are you gonna sing?
Female voice (in background): Behind the cold Iron door that's one she-
Leach: All right sing
Hannah: (sings)

They tell me in the letter sweetheart that we can never wed
To make you my bride with other (?) pride you must marry another instead
Their riches they say they never will share with me because l am poor
And that they placed you in a cell behind the cold Iron door

My love for you will never die my _____ will carry it through
It is written that where there’s a will there's a way and someday the sky will be blue
I pray to the maker in heaven each night and l know he’s been praying for me
That he'll guide every step to the end of the trail where love me and l set you free

He tunnelled his way neath the cold dirty ground each night he made his way
A race against time that to me must find before his dark wedding day
At last a faint weary cry he heard his fight for love was o’er
Thank God l have reached you my darling tonight behind the cold iron door

One mighty blast and behold and at last the big gate swung far aside
Imprisoned there like some lonely bird l found my future bride
Although they took you away from my arms you've been punished for loving the poor
Thank God my love for you at last has entered the cold iron door



Text :   A young couple is forbidden to marry because he has no money.   She is imprisoned to ensure separation, but this tale of forbidden love ends with the lovers are reunited "behind the cold iron door."

Tune: Four line stanzas in AABA form.   The metre is 6/8 and the tonality is major.

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