MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
We'll Go to Sea No More
Paddy Duggan NFLD 2 Tape 2 Track 10
Cape Broyle Audio:

Leach: All right.

Ye foggy girls of Liverpool, to you I’m going to write
Concerning of the sea, my boys, where seamen takes a life (?)
Concerning of the sea, my boys, where we poor seamen do
When these land-loafing fellows will stay at home with you.

Oh these land-loafing fellows will tell the girls fine tales
In all the little __________ when crossing over the fields
Causing the girls to ________ that’s all they got to do
Whilst we poor, jolly seamen bold plow in the ocean blue.

Now when the evening do come on, they 'Il throw away their plow
And when the sun, it do go down, it's home they'll go just now
And when the night, it do come on, it’s into bed they’ll crawl
Whilst we poor jolly seamen stand many a wicked squall.

Now one dark night, as dark as pitch, that wind began for to blow
Our Captain, he gave orders, "All hands down there below
All hands from there below, my boys, come pay our ship regard
Up and loft aloft, my lively lads, and send down your tops a yard."

The wind blew from the ocean, it tossed us up and down
And we lay in confusion, thinking we would be drowned
Our Captain cries, "No fear, my boys, we’ll see our girls again
And in spite of all our enemies, we’ll plow the sea again."

Oh, now the gale is over and home we will return
Unto our wives and sweethearts, we left behind for to mourn
So merrily we will sing and dance as we often done before
And when our money it is all spent, we’ll go to sea for more.


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