MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Lovely Nancy
Jim Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 19A Track 7
St. Shott's Audio:

LEACH: All right
MOLLOY: (sings)

As l roved out one evening in the lovely month of June
A-viewing of those pretty flowers all in their youthful bloom
Twas there I spied lovely Nancy that girl l do adore
She was my joy and fancy no man could love her more

Oh Nancy lovely Nancy and won' t you marry me
I got no stores of riches but l got love for thee
There's richer men than what l am but l do love you so
If I had gold in mountains it would be yours you know

To marry you kind sir she says it' s a thing l cannot say
For l do b'lieve in ____________ your love will soon decay
When she got her own free will twas plain for to be seen
How can l mourn for Nancy oh where the willow' s green

In the space of three weeks after this fair girl changed her mind
She wrote to me a letter hoping l would prove kind
Sayin' l am sorry for what l say l pray love you'll forgive
We'll join our hands in wedlock's bands in hand and heart we'll live

l wrote her back an answer all in a scornful way
Sayin' Nancy lovely Nancy don't you think no more on me
I got another more suitable she's willin' to take your place
I let you know l can sing and dance if l never saw your face

Came all ye pretty fair young girls a warning take by me
Don't ever slight your first true love all for his poverty
For gold and silver it's a curse all riches will decay
But the kindness of a fond true love will never fade away


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