MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Captain Power
Mike Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 19A Track 6
St. Shott's Audio:

Come all ye hardy fishermen wherever that ye go
Be sure and choose an early bird and go wit' Captain Power
First we have to shovel bog (?) from morning until night
And then go after cod which, boys, it was our whole delight

Power comes in the morning sure he began to air (?)
The bog ye shovelled yesterday ye scattered it everywhere
Jim Bulger bein' to de table he got in a hard way
Said we would do it better if we shovelled bog (?) today

Jim you are a quick kind of a man that would understand this job
I'll get you a better job l know that you can caulk
Oh yes says Mr. Bulger sure l can do all that
Get me the iron, oakum and the stable I'll go at

Bill Bone he bein' our carpenter and a handyman you know
The rest of us be handymen for choppin' and for sawin'
For buildin' all those wharves my b'ys we can't be bet at all
Now this job is over returns are now delayed

We had to go up Biacay Bay to cut stuff for the stage
Went up in Din (?) Ryan's dory boys she was so awfully tight
It took one man to keep her free and bail with all his might

Landed up to Deep Point Head about half-past nine o'clock
Travelled up to ________ it was a hard walk
All day to our neck in the water boys I'm sorry to relate
And back again to Poole Cove without one bite to eat

Ellen Ryan she being our cook I'm sorry to relate
She's going for Jim Butler belonging to Davies Brake(?)
Ellen white wit' her white blouse in bed wit' __________
_____________________ I like his pretty face

Now this job is over b'ys the caplin school comes on
My b'ys we have to get cap-i-lin before they are all gone
And if we don't get Caplin for ye we will have none (?)
Do ye go dip the caplin b'ys the horse will haul 'em home

Power comes in the morning to see his old red bat
My b'ys we have another haul its a prospect (?) in the trap
They goes flyin' around us and Paddy there is one
We'll set the other later b'ys the prospect is not gone
Now the fight is over the codfish we have none
The few we got we'll wash them out before we will go home
And then to light the bunkhouse and likewise burn the hay
We'll bid adieu to Captain Power forever and a day

Now to conclude and finish it remains to end my song
I hope l didn't offend ye boys or yet say anything wrong
And if ye wants to know the man who did compose this song
His name it is Joe _______ and to Gaskiers shore belong

LEACH: What's that? Gaskiers?
MALE VOICE: Yes Sir. Joe ________ from the Gaskiers
LEACH: That's a good song that happened right around here
MOLLOY: Oh ye happened out in Cove was year and years ago. Old song, that's an old song.


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