MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
John Cutter
Frank Knox NFLD 2 Tape 19A Track 3
St. Shott's Audio:

KNOX: (sings)

Ye landsmen and ye seamen bold it's on you l will call
The cruel murders on the deep would make your blood run cold
Concerning the ship "Caroline" across from Boston bound
When human blood had stained her deck with slaughter all around

Our Captain's name being John Dwyer as you may understand
And sixteen noble seamen her had at his command
Leaving the port of Queenstown in the month of last July
But little did they ever think that in the deep they would lie

John Cu-
Our Captain shipped in Queenstown John Cutter as first mate
He being a wild and foolish youth I'm sorry for to relate
He being a wild and foolish youth as you may plainly see
When he murdered four and died himself in that late massacre

We cruised the seas for eleven days in joy and merriment
From that up to the fourteenth there arose an argument
Between our Captain and first mate down in our cabin room
By it our Captain lost his life and met a watery doom

From that up to the twenty-first all things they did go right
When down below John Cutter goes most cruel was the sight
And with a heavy weapon struck our Captain on the head
His blood and brains the cabin stained as he lay on his bed

Then up on deck John Cutter went and met the second mate
He struck him with a marlinspike most cruel to relate
He plunged his body in the deep to sink beneath the waves
Far from his friends and native home lies in an ocean grave

John Cutter fought another round he swore all hands he'd slay
He shot our Russian passenger he wounded him severe
And as he lay upon the deck all dying in his gore
He swore he'd send us all to Hell and set the ship on fire

And next it was agreed upon John Cutter to surround
To take him home a prisoner in irons have him bound
But as we gathered round him the next was seen to fall
It was our gallant carpenter all by a pistol ball

And now there are four men lies dead most wonderful to tell
Till with an axe he got a blow and on the deck he fell
The sailors bound him to a boat while bleeding from his wounds
John Cutter he died mad raving all in the afternoon

Here's adieu to friends and parents that's left behind to mourn
Likewise our Captain John Dwyer left wife and child at home
Come all good Christians far and near I hope that you will pray
For those brave youths that lost their lives in that late massacree


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