MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Highland Mary
Frank Knox NFLD 2 Tape 19A Track 2
St. Shott's Audio:

In green Caledonia there ne'er were two lovers
So enraptured and happy in each others arms
As Burns the sweet bard and his dear Highland Mary
So sweetly and fondly he sang out her charms

And long may his song so enchanting and Bonny
Be heard with delight o'er his own native plain
And long may the name of his dear Highland Mary
Be sacred to love in his heart's melting strain

It was a May day and the flowers of summer
Were blooming in beauty so lovely and fair
When those two lovers met in a grove of green bowers
That grew on the banks of the clear winding Ayr

And though to them both 'twas a meeting so tender
For it was the last for a while they could have
And love's purest raptures they tasted together
Till the red setting sun showed the close of the day

My life's sweetest treasure my own charming Mary
To you I'll be ever devoted and true
For the heart that is beating so hard in my bosom
Is a heart that can never love any but you

Oh do not stay long in the Highlands dear Mary
Oh do not stay long in the Highlands from me
For l love you sincerely; l love you too dearly
To be happy so far dearest Mary from thee

Now l won't stay long in the Highlands said Mary
l will not stay long for you won't be there
Although l have friends l love well in the Highlands
But the one l love best is on the banks of the Ayr

He kissed her red lips they were redder than roses
He then strained her lily-white breast to his heart
As the tears fell like dewdrops that night on her bosom
As he said fondest loved one we now have to part

Yet the green summer saw but a few sunny mornings
When she in the bloom of her beauty and pride
Was laid in her grave like a sweet summer flower
She was laid in her grave on the banks of the Clyde
Then Burns that sweet bard in his own Caledonia
Lamented his Mary in many a sad strain
And long will he weep for his dear Highland Mary
And never will his heart love so fondly again


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