MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Mike Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 19A Track 1
St. Shott's Audio:

Tom Fewer (?) took his clothes, bid his mother adieu
To see where're they going or what they would do
When James Rourke saw him coming, those words he did say,
"Here comes my loyal comrade, we are now bound away."

His mother advised him with tears in her eye
Saying, "James, darling James, don't you force those poor boys.
Can't you wait until Monday? You'll be better prepared
For it looks wild and stormy to face out to sea."

He took no advice, but on board straight he went
Himself he being willing, the crew, against his consent,
His canvas did hoist and his anchor did weigh
On the eighteenth of September on a Friday sailed away.

Saturday being the nineteenth, as ye all might know,
Those cold bitter winds, how hard they did blow
All night they strove hard their poor lives to save
But it all proved in vain, they met a watery grave.

It is for John Nolan, he belongs to our bay
He done a bad action, l heard people say
He done a bad action, if he's not belied
Wouldn't pick up those bodies when they floated 'longside.

I own I won't curse him nor owe him no spite
If l would not oblige them (?) l would do what is right
For what better comfort could their poor mothers get
To have the bodies of their children to bury in their graves?

Tom Fewer is my name and my, age twenty-two
Last winter, dearest mother, l spent 'long with you
Three half years l served James Murray, the last against my consent,
As we sailed in the Shamrock, to the bottom she went.


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