MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Young Flora
Nick Davis NFLD 2 Tape 19 Track 5
St. Shott's Audio:

One morning, one morning, oh, one morning in spring
To hear the lark whistle and the nightingales sing
The hills and the valleys were covered with young (?)
And the small birds were singing, how joyful they sang.

Were there ever a young man as happy as me
Like me and young Flor-o, young Flor-o and me
l went to young Flor-o and this l did say,
"When shall we get married, love? Mention the day."

"To wed a gentle shepherd, kind sir, I'm too young
To wed a shepherd, my time it's not come
I'll first go a servant until I'm twenty-one
And then we'll get married, if love follows on."

Ofttimes l have wondered why women love men
Ofttimes l do wonder why young men love them
It' s due my experience l have ye to know
Young girls are deceivers wherever they go.

To the hill and that valley I now bid adieu
Like young Flor-o who proved so untrue
Like young Flor-o who proved so unkind
Like an unconstant lover who soon changed her mind.

Oh, green grows the laurel and the top of it small
My love she's the fairest, growing over it all
My love she's the fairest in every degree
Her parents despised her because she loved me.

Come all you young fellows take a warning by me
Never court a young girl with cruel jealousy
______________ her lily-white breast
I'm in love with young Flo-ro and can't find no rest.


Sources: Mercer 199 ("Young Floror");   Karpeles 1934: 114 ("Young Floror"); Karpeles 1934a 44; Karpeles 1971: 191; Peacock 1965: 480 ("My Flora and Me")

Text: The singer proposed to Flora and she accepted. She proved untrue, however, and now he warns his fellows about young girls who change their minds.

Tune: A classic abba form in ¾ metre (with some variability) and a major key.

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