MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Mrs. Frank Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 18 Track 7
St. Shott's Audio:

The tears they rolled o'er cheeks so pale of mothers and of boys
Who mourns the loss in St. John's town of many precious lives
Lost in the Steamship Regalis, which causes them to weep
Which now so many brave ones lies beneath the treach'rous deep

Twas near wharf __________ the Regalis sailed away
And she was bound for Sydney all on that dismal day
Twas the twenty-third of October on which that well known ship,
Was followed by the angry waves all on her special (?) trip

Twas near Bay Bulls that awful night the sea was raging high
The fog was thick the rain fell fast in torrents from the sky
Twas such a night that here on land the stoutest hearts would scare
Causing them to offer providence a grateful hearted prayer

A mother's heart is breaking for her blue-eyed sailor b'y
The salt seaweed entwines his brow that once she kissed with joy
A loving wife in aguish weeps with orphans at her knee
Can ne'er behold their father now lies sleeping in the deep

May God the ruler of the land the tempest and the deep
Console them in their sorrow in the hour of bitter grief
And may they find a happier shore most fervently we pray
God rest the soul of those poor men who lost their lives that day


History: Newfoundland ballad. The date of October 23 is mentioned in the song.

Text: Describes the steamship Regalis that sank off Bay Bulls en route to Sydney. Four men were lost.

Tune: The seventh degree of the scale is ambiguous in this performance. Sometimes it sounds like a mixolydian and sometimes like a major key tune. It is performed in a relatively fixed quadruple metre. The form is the commonly found pattern of abba with higher range in the ‘b’ sections.

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