MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Moonshine Song
Frank Knox NFLD 2 Tape 18 Track 5
St. Shott's Audio:
Comic Song

Come all of my good people and listen unto me
Beware of those informers and see how they served me
Beware of those informers and see how they got round
True jealousy could not agree they put our moonshine down

On Easter Sunday morning quite well I mind the day
As soon as Mickey got the news he did come up to me
He came straight up to me my boys and put me on a stand
Saying Patty b'y there's a greet kick-up about your moonshine can

And next I got a summons and I was forced to go
To travel down those lonely roads all to my knees in snow
To travel down those lonely roads it was against my grain
To stand up there inside the bars before a crowd of men

What did you make it out of the judge to me did say
Of yeast-cakes and molasses sure that's the proper way
Of yeast-cakes and molasses sure that's the proper plan
And the next misfortune came to me l had to lose my can

I went right in and brought it out without any more delay
I stood there like a monument without a word to say
To hear the rattling of the tube it grieved my heart full sore
But when they put it in the bag it grieved me ten times more

Good luck to all good magistrates may the lord look down on them
And when they die and leave this world go to the other end
Saint Peter holds the keys my b'ys the gates for to unlock
Saying walk right in good magistrate make one amongst our flock

The man made up this song my b'ys I'm sure he told no lie
And if you want's to know his name his name it is Pat Ryan
His name it is Pat Ryan my b'ys from Goose Cove do belong
And when the moonshine come again I'll sing you a better song


Sources: Mercer 157 (lists separately “Moonshine Can” which is the same as the song presented here, and “Moonshine Song”; Reader 1968: 34 (text only for “Moonshine Song”). Peacock 1965:75; Blondahl 1964: 39.

Text: A moonshine maker comes before the magistrate and has his moonshine confiscated. He names himself as Pat Ryan and says he will sing a better song when the next moonshine is ready.

Tune: A steady 4/4 delivery of a major key, abba tune.

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