MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Flirty Love
John C. Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 18 Track 4
St. Shott's Audio:
Comic Song (Moniker)

There is two young girls are going around
I'll tell you about them right here in this town
There's Miss Flossie Whittle you may know the same
With Miss Aggie Penney attached to her name???

They're goin' with two fellas right here in this place
They own that they loves 'em just before their face
And when they are gone and not far away
Go flirt with some other that comes in their way

Oh Miss Flossie Whittle she keeps up the rule
The twelfth of July she closes her school
And she's going home for she cannot stay
She has letters from Felix he' s feeling okay

There's another young girl in this place that don't dance
They say it's the reason she don't get no chance
It makes her so sad and so awfully glum
She prays to her God that her Paddy would come

There's another young girl l won't speak her name
She's goin with a fellow can't talk very plain
He'd make a fine soldier in khaki and cap
When he goes to service sure I'll marry _________


Text: A 'moniker' song about all the young girls in the community. Some are flirtatious while one never dances because she is sad. Some are named but others are discretely not identified.

Tune: A lively 6/8 tune in a major key. The phrase repetition pattern is abac.

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