MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Kate Of Branch
Leonard Molloy (?) NFLD 2 Tape 17A Track 4
St. Shott's Audio:

Ye feeling hearted people and likewise children dear
Ye tender hearted children l hope ye will draw near
And hear about the Kate of Branch that lately was run down
All by an English man of war bound down to St. John' s town

The man of war that runned us down the Royal it was her name
Commanded by Captain But-i-ler to him we'll lay no blame
It was English stood the morning watch the lights he did let out
He was in for losing boat and crew that dark and stormy night

It being on the fourth day of July as you may understand
This boat lay to her anchor just three miles from the land
While some were on their virgin beds taking a silent sleep
It was little they thought before the light they'd lay slumb'ring in the deep

About a fornight after this poor b'y he was found
Mike Murry coming from Broad Cave young Daly's body found
They brought him to St. Mary's all wrapped up in a sail
If your heart was made of marble stone it's for him you would feel

Long life to those St. Mary's men the are the real true blue
They made his shroud and coffin and what more could they do
They got for him a boat and crew all on that selfsame day
For to have him waked amongst his friends and buried in the clay

Early the next morning this boat reached Salmonier
Her colors they were half mast, the weather it being clear
The people all around the place assembled this poor boy
Did you see his kind aged mother oh how bitter she did cry

They brought him to his father's house and waked him there at night
Amongst his friends and neighbours until the broad daylight
You should see his kind aged mother and she sot down in her room
She cries my dear and darling son you are cut down in your bloom

The day of the assumption it was his burial day
I hope all ye good people it's for him ye will pray
Pray to the blessed virgin his sins for to set free
In the honour of our blessed Lord died on Mount Calvary


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