MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Western Rangers
Leonard Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 17A Track 3
St. Shott's Audio:

Come all ye western rangers, bound to some foreign land
Come kindly pay attention, as you may understand
I am bound away from a friend, so dear, to fight on some foreign land
Where those Indians they will have me never to return again.

My girl being young and innocent grew up nearby my side
Saying, "Stay on shore, dear Willie, and l will be your bride."
I wiped those rolling tears that fell from her lovely dark blue eye
But my mind being bent on roving and true love it never dies.

I had been the age of twenty, when l joined this bugle band
I sailed from bonny Scotland unto some foreign land
I shortly sailed for Flanders l 'rrived there safe one night
When our captain he gave orders to get ready for to fight.

You could see those Indians coming, you could hear them give their yell
One glimmering glance of bayonet (?) no human tangle could tell
One glimmering glance of bayonet came whistling from the west
They lay bleeding there next morning with their death wound on their breath.

I thought on my aged old mother, those words to me did say
"If you don’t care for roaming, lad, with me you better stay."
I thought on her old and her childish ways, but right l did not know
For my mind being bent on roaming and away from her did go.

I have done (?) the fruits of roving, l have learnt it all quite well
I ploughed the fields of Flanders where many a brave man fell
I also fought in where German crowds were killed
And with medals now l will return to the girl l love so well.


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