MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Lady of the Lake
George Finlay NFLD 2 Tape 17A Track 1
St. Shott's Audio:

As l rode out one evening down by a riverside
'Twas on the banks of sweet Dundee a charming lass l spied
Twas with a sigh she just did cry I fear I’d rue the day
Since my sailor lad is left me gone to plough the raging sea

Once I had a fond sweetheart his name was Willie Brown
On board of the "Lady of the Lake" he sailed for Greener town
With fully four hundred of immigrants bound to Americay
But it's on the banks of Newfoundland I fear they got castaway

When she made mention of my name l to my self did say
Can this be you stands by my side my own sweet Eliza Grey
And turning myself right round about my tears for to conceal
And it’s with a sigh l thus began for to tell my mournful tale

When on my way to Greener town I in that vessel went
Along wit’ your love Willie Brown some cheerful hours we spent
He was my chief companion on the “Lady of the Lake"
But it's on the banks of Newfoundland his leave from me he did take

We were tossed about by those billows wild four hundred of miles from shore
Wit' notheast winds and fields of ice down on our vessel bore
The "Lady of the Lake" that night she all to pieces went
And all of her crew but thirty-two down to the bottom went

Your love Willie Brown amongst 'em all that night got castaway
On board of the "Lady of the Lake" those words l hear him say
So fare you well sweet Eliza Grey l fear your heart will break
When you get news that l am drowned in the “Lady of the Lake"

If what you relate young man said she l pray if it be true
Unto all earth-i-ly pleasures l now must bid adieu
Down in some lonesome valley l will wander for his sake
I’ll always think on the day he sailed on the "Lady of the Lake"

Oh stop lamenting Eliza Grey from weeping do refrain
See how the lord has spared my life for to see you again
And don't you see what you gave me when l left Brenna (?) quay
What still bears the bonny lik-e-ness of my own sweet Eliza Grey


Source: Laws N41

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