MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The _______ Song
Peter Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 17 Track 6
St. Shott's Audio:

Ye landsmen and ye seamen all come listen to what I write
In crossing over those stormy seas I always took delight
As we were running before the wind in a banker good and new
She carried six Shelburn (?) dories and a Nova Scotia crew

We reached the Bay of Islands to the westward of Newfoundland
The "Peerless" bein' our vessel’s name. Dan Reader in Command
We took on board our trip of bait and shook out every sail
And for the banks then skimmed along before a Not'west gale

We reached the banks on Wednesday and gave her cable all
And quickily the dories lowered for to set out our trawl
And suddenly a storm came on and boiling foam did churn
Those twelve brave hearty fishermen no more will they return

The captain cruised about for days in hopes to pick them up
And no sign of his missing men for Newfoundland bore up
The dories in the storm capsized they sank to rise no more
Those twelve brave hearty fishermen from Nova Scotia's shore

May God, the ruler of the land, the tempest, and the deep
Make light the sorrows of the poor and those who are left to weep
And may they see a happier land most fervently we pray
Those twelve brave hearty fishermen that lost their lives that day

(Speaks) I shouldn't o' sung that at all.
MALE VOICE: No that's all right, boy. That’s all right.


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