MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Blackwater Side
Frank Knox NFLD 2 Tape 17 Track 3
St. Shott's Audio:

As l did rove out on a fine summer's morning
To view the fair streams as they gently did glide
There rose a bright vision as the day was a-dawning
Surrounding the hills near the Blackwater side

I said lovely maiden we’re long enough courtin'
We're both fit for marriage I solemnly vow
And if you're inclined in wedlock we'll join
So say it or now, will you answer me now

Kind sir l am pressed l am deeply distressed
For I’m not fit for marriage l solemnly vow
My clothing is bare l have nothing to wear
For l grew very hard since my father he died

My friends went away unto Americay
'Long with my mama l means to abide
If you'll wait a year or two l will Gang 'long wit you
And leave all my friends on the Blackwater Side

Fair maid if you do you will happen to lose for
There's one in my view that won't me deny
Its labour in vain to ask you again
For l don' t keep on coaxing as you do reply

I’ll give you the first offer accept of it quickly
I’m ready and willing to make you my bride
You're the maid l require none but you l admire
You're the lovely sweet maid on the Blackwater side

This fair maid arose to her mother she goes
And told the same story so plain you may see
She got her consent to the church they both went
Where they joined hands in wedlock and sweet unity

May their wealth still increase and their sorrows grow less
And the sweet bonds of wedlock they both shall enjoy
And the truth I will tell you may find them dwell
On the lovely sweet banks by the Blackwater side


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