MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
The Coaker Song
Frank Knox NFLD 2 Tape 17 Track 2
St. Shott's Audio:

I had a dream the other night a very awkward dream
Although it may not be as bad as it to me did seem
I dreamt that Coaker he had died and was condemned to hell
But somehow underhanded had got in heaven to dwell

He had not been in heaven long when St. Peter was in doubt
He asked him for his password and therefore found him out
He said now William Coaker I guess you had better get
You have no pass for heaven and it's heaven you must quit

He left his seat in heaven and was going through the gate
He was about to sauce St. Peter but he made him hold his prate
The devil looking out from hell he said I see the man
I believe it's William Coaker belong to Newfoundland

Come in now Mr. Coaker come in and don’t be shy
I’ve waited for you long ago what kept you late my b'y
And where is R.A. Squires he's coming l suppose
And saying this he took a twist at Coaker's brazen nose

Pardon Mr. Devil have pity now on me
Pardon Mr. Devil, Coaker he did say
I served you while l was on earth and l will serve you here
What can I do to please you I love you so sincere

Now since you are the only man who's here from Newfoundland
I’ll make you boss when l am gone put Hell in your command
Thank you Mr. Devil that's very good of you
I would been here far long ago if l got such work to do

One day the devil he went out and Coaker he took charge
He confined all the people there the devil set at large
He said we'll have elections and the ballots they will tell
Who shall be skipper and shall rule the people here in hell

They got the ballot papers and served to every man
There were many people here who came from foreign lands
When the ballots they were counted out l heard their mingled oaths
For Coaker was defeated and the devil got the vote

What shall we do with Coaker the devil asked the crowd
We'll cast him in the furnace they shouted out aloud
The furnace door was opened and l saw that fiery stream
The sight awoke me and l found twas nothing but a dream


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