MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

The Watson Song

John Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 16A Track 7
St. Shott's Audio:

One evening as the sun went down, the jungle fires were burning
Fred Watson left his native home, saying, "Boys, I’m not returning."
Come roo-dem doo, come roo-dem-dee.

Till l gets satisfaction from Mr. Alderdyce
When l tells him my story, b'ys, sure, he's apt to treat me nice.
Roo-dem-doo, come roo-dem-dee.

He went out to St. John's and to the Public Works
And he was soon throwing out of that by half a dozen clerks.
Roo-dem-doo, come roo-dem-dee.

Sure, Freddy swore his maker he'd have them all in gaol
And going down the street, sure, he gave a cop a hail.
Roo-dem--doo, come roo-dem-dee.

And when the cop came up to him, he quickly changed his mind
Saying, "Billy Walsh, the member, you are the next to find."
Roo-dem-doo, come roo-dem-dee.

He went to Billy Walsh's, he made himself a home
And Billy Walsh, the member, he picked up the telephone.
Roo-dem-doo, come roo-dem-dee.

He rang up lady Anderson, those words to her did say,
"There’s a man here named Watson and he's from St. Mary's Bay."
Roo-dem-doo, come roo-dem-dee.

"He wants some of your clothing, some of your underwear
And if you will assist him, it's for you we'll say a prayer."
Roo-dem doo, come roo-dem-dee.

She said she'd send him clothing, she'd send it in by mail
And not forgetting a blanket, to replace his dory sail.
Roo-dem-doo, come roo-dem-dee

Sure, Freddy was so delighted, he nearly broke down and cried
He said, "l must go hunt up Ryan and try to have a ride."
Roo-dem-doo, come roo-dem-dee.

And now he’s in St. Mary's, the good news for to tell
About the blanket he got for Pete and the dress he got for Stell'.
Roo-dem-doo, come roo-dem-dee.

And now he’s safely landed up in St. Mary's Bay
And he never got a stitch of clothes up to this present day.
Roo-dem-doo, come roo-dem-dee.

Before my song is ended, I’ll make another start
I will get a great big shavin' knife and I’ll take out Daly's heart

LEACH: Where was that...that was made around here?
MOLLOY: Yeah made up here in...
MALE VOICE: That was the dole times. That was the dole times, you know.
LEACH: Oh, the dole.
MALE VOICE: Yes, they had the dole going round and you got the clothes from St. John's. They made that song about it
LEACH: Who made it?
MALE VOICE: l don't know who made that.
MOLLOY: There were a dozen made that


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