MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

The Gasker(?) Song

John Molloy NFLD 2 Tape 16A Track 3
St. Shott's Audio:

Come all young lads and lasses come listen to my song
It' s only a few verses it won' t delay you long
It was on a Sunday evening in the month of July
We went out to Jack Williams’s ourselves for to enjoy

At five o'clock in the evening the party did begin
And we were standing at the gate and we were invited in
When Ernie came out in the door those words to us did say
Now boys the time has started come in and dance away

Now Ernie is a gentleman wherever he is to
And when the strangers comes around he knows just what to do
He is a fine young fellow as you may plainly see
And every time he gets the chance he goes with young Katie

The strangers being all Williams’s it was an awful sight
The neighbours they were not noticed as they came there that night
They left their homes on Sunday and did enjoy the ride
No doubt they were a sporting bunch belonging to Kilbride

Now Charlie he did hold a light I’m sure the job was hot
He was standing there so steadily he must go through a lot
The strangers they all looked at him and one of them did say
Saying Charlie dear what have you done you are punished in that way

The strangers danced the lancers and washed the room all 'Round
The neighbours watched with anxious eye and never made a sound
No doubt they were a sporty bunch I need not tell the rest
The old woman she did clap her hands saying Ernie's side goes best

The strangers’ time being over sure they got underway
And when they were for leaving those words to us did say
Get in now lads and lasses for we must get outside
For the road is long and foggy from this out to Killbride

Some fellows from around the place they did not hesitate
But some of them jumped at the chance and they found their great mistake
And when they were out on the floor those words l heard them say
Now boys we’re going dancing Lar Callie you must play

The fellows who were dancing l will bring them in rhyme
There was Arthur Mahoney from Point ________ Ben Dobbin from the line
And likewise young Jim Kielly, he comes next in our song
Johnny Tobin who was facing him sure he lived out along

The girls they were dancing along with those young men
Bertha Dobbin danced with Arthur and Sally danced with Ben
Jim Kielly had a stranger for the first and the second part
Johnny Tobin had Kate Dobbin for she is his sweetheart

They danced their way to form a line it was an awful sight
Mrs. Liza she darted through the crowd and she took away the light
The people they all looked amazed as l did pass this remark
Now boys wasn’t that some mean of her to leave us in the dark

Ben Dobbin was standing in the hall those words l hear him say
Now boys l just had played a dance when the light was took away
Then up speaks Mr. Williams a blunt old lad was he
Saying what did ye come here for there was none sent for ye

And now the boys got ready you bet they lost no time
The wind being a sou'wester a fair wind in the line
And when the strangers comes around please don’t make the mistake
Don't ye go handy to the house or hang around the gate

Before my song is ended, l mean to let ye hear
We pity that old woman that was down from Salmonier
As she walked in and out the hall with her bonnet on her head
She was waiting for the strangers there was nothing that she said

And now my song is ended for l can sing no more
The traps they are all ended the fishing voyage is o'er
Indeed it was a poor one don't take it to the heart
If Squires gets the money sure we won't be in the dark

Now if you wants to know the man who did compose this song
His name it is Old Sundown you will find him later on
And don't get in a passion before you will get your mark
For the light it may be taken and you'll be in the dark


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