MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Coupon Song

Mrs. Ghaney NFLD 2 Tape 15 Track 8
Fermeuse Audio:
Comic Song

LEACH: ...Yeah l know.
MRS. G.:(Sings)

The difference in jobs now they're giving away
Of hundreds and t'ousands of coupons each day
You'll get good things for nothing as you'll bet your life
I got something good for nothing when l got my wife

I am saving up enough coupons to get one of those
Now twen- ten thousand coupons is what my wife cost
Now ten thousand more now to have her divorced

My brother got a habit in writing and reading
He saved for to by an automobile
But the day that he bought her from smokin he died
And it’s home to the graveyard was his only drive

I am savin' up coupons to get one of those
Now his wife she got busy no time did she lose
When some lucky guy stepped in to brother's shoes
And now every day these two may be seen
Goin' drivin' around in poor buddy's machine

I have saved enough coupons to get one of those
My wife goes a-travlin' a-drivin' she goes
I hope when they're in it the darn t'ing will explode
I'm savin up coupons to get one of those

We're now ready here in a nice little flat
And all that we got is a dog and a cat
And the lady next door is chock full of joy
When the chauffer come in he left a fat baby boy

I have saved enough coupons to get one of those
My wife she is makin some cute baby clothes
I don’t know who told her but somehow she knows
I’m savin’ up coupons to get one of those


Text: A comical song about saving up coupons to buy a wife, a husband, a car and/or a baby.

Tune: The text is through composed and the melody repeats with each verse. The meter is 6/8. The key is B-flat major with a range of a minor 9th from A-B-flat.

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