MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada

Patrick Power (Parker)

Charlie Williams NFLD 2 Tape 12A Track 6
St.Vincent's Audio:

Oh Patrick Power (Parker?) it is my name ship's carpenter by trade
I took delight both day and night in courting a fair maid
I courted her till I gained her will her joyful days was done
And then I strove both day and night her company for to shun

As Pat he wrote a letter and he sent it to his love
Inquiring for to meet him that evening in the grove
He said I been busy all the week I couldn't go see you love
But I hope you'll bear me company this evening in the grove

Now Annie Ryan she got the ride(?) to meet her love she go
But little did she ever think twould prove her overthrow
And when he saw her coming it's from her he thought to hide
Sayin Betsey lovely Betsey I’ll never make you my bride

For I have heard for ceratin that you have slighted me
I’ve made a vow this very night your butcher for to be
Now she looked all around and none could she see
Sayin' Pat O'Brien don't prove unkind or don't you murder me

For since you've gained my virgin bloom
I’ll never let none know
If you'd agree and marry me forever I will prove true

Now he took her by the curly locks he tore her to the ground
It s with a knife he took the life he gave to her death wound
Its wit' a spade he dug her grave and then dashed out her brain
And her very last words was Pat O'Brien you do not feel the pain

It bein' in a short while after to her mother she did appear
Her mother rose and spoke to her wit’ out either dread or fear
Sayin mother dearest mother you'll never see me no more
For Pat O'Brien he murdered me and left me in my gore

Now do you go to John Katan’s grove be quick make no delay
It's there you'll find my body covered over in the clay
The blood is all around the place where he have murdered me
You may go and have him taken and hung he'll surely be

Her mother __________ her body there she found
The people all assembled belonging to the town
The people all assembled belonging to the place
But when Pat O'Brien looked over her she dashed blood in his face

Come all ye judge and jurymen pay attention unto me
It's l myself killed Annie Ryan I’m sorry for to say
And when I’m standing on the trap good Christians for me pray
Let all young men and maidens be aware of jealousy


Text: A young man decides to murder his lover. He lures her to a grove, she promises not to tell anyone that she has lost her virginity to him if he’ll marry her. Once she is dead she appears to her mother telling her where to find her body and who has murdered her. The murderer is arrested and hung. Names are inconsistent throughout this text.

Tune: The text is through composed and the melody repeats with each verse. The last word is spoken. Speaking, instead of singing a final word or phrase is generally thought to indicate Irish influence on the singer or song. The meter is 4/4. The key is B major with a range of a minor 9th from A# to B.

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