MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
I Went To My Love’s Window
Ned Williams NFLD 2 Tape 12 Track 1
St. Vincent's Audio:

LEACH: All right?
NED WILLIAMS: Yeah, ready now.
LEACH: I’ll hold it for you.
LEACH: I’ll hold it for you.
FEMALE VOICE: He’ll hold it. He'll hold it
(Sings) Now I went.
(Speaks) No hold on now.

One night as the moon it shine bright on the sky
I first took the notion to marry
I put on my hat and away I did go
You might bet l had been in a hurry

I went to the house where I oft times have been
My heart gave a bound when my darling I seen
She opened the door and l gently walked in
Sayin’ my darling come over the mountain

Now what silly nonsense do run in your head
I'd like for to see you so merry
It's twelve by the clock and we ought to be in bed
Speak low or my Mama will hear you

Now if it's over the mountains with you l would go
The country would flatter and censure me too
The country would flatter and censure me too
And my parents would frown and no wonder

The country may prattle and censure away
Yet use your own mind for it's very near day
I don’t give a fig what the whole of them say
If l once had you over the mountain

Now l got no magic no art or no skill
I’m a lighthearted fellow l love you right well
And if you will deny oh darling farewell
I’ll retrace my steps over the mountain

She ran to the door bidding me to excuse
Just wait for a while till l buckle my shoes
My heart give a bound when l heard that glad news
Sayin' pleasantly over the mountain

That night as the moon it shone bright on the sky
And the morning stars are brightly shining
We both started out on our journey with speed
Till we came to the altar of hymen

It is with great content we stayed there all day
The happ'ness of marriage for to pass away
And ofttimes we talked as we sat down to tea
Bout the trip we took over the mountain


Text: A young man goes to his beloved’s home with marriage in mind. He tries to entice his love to go “over the mountain.” Considering her initial reluctance due to parental and societal disapproval, this is likely a euphemism. Eventually they did “go over the mountain” until they reached the “altar of hymen,” enjoyed the “happiness of marriage” and later reminisced about the experience.

Tune: The text is through composed and the melody repeats with each verse. The meter is 6/8 and the key is D-flat major with an octave range from A-flat to A-flat.

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