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Don't Put Me Off at Buffalo Anymore

Unknown NFLD 2 Tape 10 Track 2
Trepassey Audio:
Comic Song

To see the Pan America l went to Buffalo
To see the great exhibition that the natives had to show
In Buffalo, in Buffalo

The curiosities l saw they really made me smile
I’d see more sights on a Sunday night on the beach at Coney Isle
In summertime, for a half a dime

Don’t you put me off at Buffalo anymore
I’d sooner visit some of department store
Most every sight that met my gaze
Were things that have seen better days
Don’t you put me off at Buffalo anymore

I went into a restaurant picked up a bill of fare
They charged me just eleven cents for sitting on a chair
I pulled my hair, how l did swear

The soft-boiled l ordered they charged me for the shell
I also had to pay the man because he rang the bell
Sure l did yell, as loud as hell

Don’t you put me off at Buffalo anymore
I paid my bill and started for the door
Sayin' here's a five and l won’t be mean
Don’t you see l just stepped on a bean
Don't you put me off at Buffalo anymore

The hotel where I stopped all the rooms were occupied
l slept upon a billiard table two men on each side
l got full of chalk l now can't walk

When l went to settle up my bill the landlord l declared
He charged me 50 cents an hour just for sleeping there
l took the chew(?) an' I quickly flew

Don’t you put me off at Buffalo anymore
I'd sooner go to sleep in a church and snore
I fell into fits and added
Children(?) had to pay those Buffalo bills
Don't you put me off at Buffalo any more

A friend of mine ‘e said to me when Gabriel blows his horn
He'll wake some buffalo skinners up as sure as ye are born
On judgement day then l did say

Don't you put me off at Buffalo anymore
I’m wiser now yes wiser than before
Jesse James is an angel I declare
To the man who keeps hotel up there
Don t you put me off at Buffalo any more

(Speaks) That's it sir.


Sources : From the Memorial University Folklore and Language Archive (MUNFLA) Song Index and Song Annotation Collection: Greening, V. MUNFLA Q68-171/p.3

History : A Tin Pan Alley song circa 1902.   It was produced through the popular vaudeville partnership of William Jerome (lyricist) and Jean Schwartz (1978-1956; composer). For more information on the composer please refer to

Text : Recounts a tourist's experience of being overcharged while visiting the Pan-America exhibition in Buffalo.   The words of the chorus change reflecting the situation in the previous verse.

Tune : The form is A A B and verse, verse, chorus.   The melody is differs between verse and chorus.   Verses are three lines long and the last is the shortest.   The chorus is five lines.   The tune is generally in 4/4 with dropped beats between verses.   The key is A major, although this singers voice sits slightly sharp of a standard A.

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