MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Pat McGuire
John Power NFLD 2 Tape 1 Track 2
Tors Cove Audio:

Leach: All Right

John Power: Sings

Me name is Pat McGuire l belong to sweet Tralee
l fell in love with an Irish Girl, her name is Kate McGee
l went one night to court her in the lovely month of May
And just as l got unto the house old mother to Barney did say

Barney get up from the fire don't you hear me speak
Here comes Mr. McGuire to court your sister Kate
You know that he has got a farm a few miles outside of town
Get up out of that you saucy old Brat, let Mr. McGuire sit down

We got Kate up in the corner boys we told her lumps of love
You'd swear she was an angel from the raging powers above
She said she’d never prove untrue while the old woman did shout
Ah Barney you _____ I’ll warm you well when Mr. McGuire goes out

Now boys we are married the honeymoon is o'er
There's not a happier boy or girl to be found on the Southern Shore.
With a cot and a kitten to increase our little joy
Tis often l thought of Barney that impotent saucy boy.


Text: Pat McGuire courts Kate McGee, a union her parents promote because the former owns a farm.   They wed, have a child, and Kate is very happy.

Tune: This lively tune sung, in a major key to a lilting 6/8 metre, follows an "AAAB" form.

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