MacEdward Leach and the Songs of Atlantic Canada
Your Home
Performed by Winnifred O'Driscoll Accession # 78-054 NFLD 1 Tape 3 Track 1
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Genre: Parlour song / class relations  


Some children were playing one day on a street
When a poor little girl drew by
They laughed at her dress and the home she lived in
And the tears slowly came to her eyes
One boy roughly said, "You can't play with us
Because you're so poor you see
And besides you don't live in a mansion like us"
And the maiden replied tenderly:

"It's not the house that makes the home
My momma teaches me
For in a humble little cot
We're happy as can be
I know we have no mansion grand
Bedecked with wealth and pride
But it's not the house that makes the home
It's the love that lives inside"

Some years have passed by and that boy is a man
He is sailing upon a foam
To some foreign land where his heart breaks to find the love
That he longs for at home
It's not the house that makes the home
It's the love that lives inside




Text notes: A poor girl is tormented because she doesn't have "a mansion grand" and other fine things. She says that love inside makes a home.

Tune notes: A sentimental waltz, triple metre, with a six-line stanza in the pattern, abcdef.

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