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Methods of Acquistion


  1. A person requesting the purchase of goods and/or services should submit to the employee designated by the Dean/Principal/Director/Grant Holder to control purchasing and payment within the requester's administrative offices, a departmental requisition and any additional information required to assist in the purchase.
  2. The departmental requisition must be prepared by all employees requiring the purchase of goods and/or services other than items purchased through petty cash. The purchase requisition will include the following information:
    1. Details of goods and/or services required.
    2. Suggested sources of goods and/or services required, if known.
    3. Costs of goods and/or services if available.
    4. Shipping details.
    5. Tax implication
    6. Account code.
    7. Appropriate approvals as per P-1.2.1.


Personal purchases are prohibited and must not be ordered through the University and are not to be invoiced to the University. The Department of Financial and Administrative Services will not be responsible for tracing accounts that have been incurred by individuals.

University orders by faculty/staff charged to their personal credit card are not to be permitted, except as allowed for under the Petty Cash policy.

Faculty, staff and students are not to use the University as the mailing address for personal purchases, as per policy M-1.2.5 Obvious personal deliveries will not be accepted by the University.


The employee designated to control purchasing and payments for a department has the responsibility to determine how acquisition of goods and services should be made. The following methods are available depending upon the dollar value and, in some cases, the nature of the acquisition.

  1. Petty Cash is available for purchases less than $75 (including taxes) in value. See Section P-1.4 for details.
  2. Direct Pay Forms can be used only if the nature of the acquisition meets the guidelines of Section P-1.5.2.
  3. The Procurement Card is to be used for all purchases meeting the procurement card guidelines. See Section P-1.7 for details. Certain types of expenditures, such as travel and hosting, are not permitted.
  4. Purchase Orders (PO) are to be used for all purchases other than petty cash, Direct Pays or Procurement Card. Section P-1.8 provides further information on the use of purchase orders.