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Using Internet Web-sites for Listening comprehension and Pronunciation

Listening for ESL Students:

CAEL Website – Listening Resources

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This is an excellent site that includes listening strategies, improving bad listening habits, academic listening skills, and links to some of the best listening resources such as CBC and Swiss Radio International.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

A great web-site for listening practice at easy, medium, and difficult levels. Choose among general listening activities, listening for academic purposes, or long conversations with real video. Each of the exercises also includes a quiz so that you can monitor your improvement.

BBC World Service

This site is designed to help English students listen to the news. It includes real audio as well as transcripts. Learn about news events, jobs, sports, and music.

The English Listening Lounge

Practice at three different levels, complete question & answer sections, and follow along with listening transcripts. Exercises include authentic English language situations.

ESL Wonderland – Activities for ESL Students

A wide rang of listening comprehension activities accompanied by readings and transcripts.

Daily Yoimuri – News Voice (Chose English version)

This site reports a selection of international news events with full text. Read along while you listen to the news in real audio.

Other Great Listening Web-sites:

CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation This site keeps you up-to-date with headline news and live radio. You can read the stories while you listen to real audio. Check out the large collection of podcasts on science (Quirks and Quarks.)


This site has a vast collection of commercial-free podcasts from their radio broadcasts.


A fabulous collection of short videos of short speeches by famous intellectuals and designers.


Breaking news transcripts and real audio.

CNN Newsroom

This site features a half- hour radio program designed for North-American high-school students.

Great Speeches

Includes famous speeches and transcripts by Pres.John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Pres. Richard Nixon, Malcom X, etc.

Internet Talk Radio Archives

Archives of early internet radio broadcasts. Includes talk shows on telecommunication and history, live discussions, and other programs for English speakers.

Spotlight Radio – Listen and Read

Includes a great variety of radio programs and transcripts.

VOA – Voice of America

This site features audio and video clips of shows such as Dateline, News Now, and Women in Business.

Audio for ESL/EFL (a great website)

Pronunciation for ESL Students:

Literacy Net: a site that offers authentic materials for current events

Adult learning activity-California Distance Learning Project

Useful for beginning to low-intermediate -- good for listening skills, reading comprehension and language acquisition; speakers (American) read from newspaper articles.

English as a 2nd Language

Basic pronunciation guidelines, including practice on the International Phonetic Alphabet. Learn how to pronounce consonants / vowels and practice transcribing sounds.

Sounds of English

Practice specific sounds and word stress. Includes interesting pronunciation exercises and fun game activities.

English Pronunciation for ESL Students

Pronunciation tips on word stress and linking as well as exercises and tongue twisters.

Phonetics—The Sounds of American English—from the University of Iowa

This is a great site for showing how the mouth forms various sounds in English. A moving diagram demonstrates the position of the mouth, tongue and lips. In addition, you can hear and see a real person saying that sound.

On-line Dictionary This new online dictionary from MacMillan has a choice of American or British pronunciations.

Takako's Great Adventures

Join this interactive adventure with Takako by reading text while listening to streamed audio.

Interesting things for ESL students (pronunciation site)

Learn English is a free, on-line, educational resource helping ESL and EFL students to learn English words. The flash site incorporates 40 topics, along with over 1,500 English words and phrases. When you click on a word or phrase you can hear it spoken. The high quality audio was created in a sound studio.

Joe’s Café

Local radio station in St. John’s

Wings Electronic Magazine Published for and by students involved in Latrobe University's International Student Lists project.

Vocabulary websites!

Dictionary sites