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Professional English Program

Communications for Internationally-Educated Health Professionals


Course Description: This completely online, self-access course is designed for health care professionals who are new to Canada, new to the culture of Newfoundland and new to the variety of English spoken here.

Module 1: Understand Newfoundland focuses on listening to the distinctive Newfoundland variety of English spoken by your patients, your colleagues or your neighbours and explores the culture and lifestyle of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

Module 2: Be Understood, focuses on working on your own particular variety of spoken English so that with clearer speech, you will be better understood by the local people.

Learning at your own pace from wherever you are in the province, you will improve your listening and pronunciation and expand your cultural knowledge of your new home.

Course Schedule: Continuous intake. Access valid for 6 months from date of registration. Estimated Time to Complete: 30 hours

Course Fee: $ 120. See sponsorship for Permanent Residents

Apply: To apply, complete and send in the Professional English Program Registration Form (PDF).

Communications for Internationally-Educated Engineers

Course Description: This course is comprised of four modules covering a range of communication skills. Whether your focus is advanced language skills in speaking and writing, or intercultural skills for the diverse workplace, you can enhance your ability to communicate in the workplace.

Depending on enrolment, the modules are available both online, or in a blend of online plus a two-hour class on the university campus in St. John’s once a week for 8 weeks

Course Schedule for 2015-16

  • Classes are Tuesday evenings, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
  • Oral Communication Module, Oct-Nov
  • Written Communications Module, Dec-Jan
  • Socio-Cultural Competency Module, Feb-Mar

Course Fee: $600/module. See sponsorship for Permanent Residents

Apply: To apply, complete and send in the Professional English Program Registration Form (PDF).