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Professional English Program (PEP)

This new program, established in 2012, focuses on the development of communication and soft skills for the Canadian workplace. Each communications course will address the specific language needs of the particular profession, whether it is listening, speaking, pronunciation, or writing, all at the advanced level. In addition, the ability to use language in a socially and culturally appropriate way will be developed to assist with fuller workplace integration.

Communications for Internationally-Educated Engineers

Course Profile

  • focuses on workplace rather than academic language 
  • addresses cultural as well as language challenges to workplace integration 
  • is specific to engineering professionals 
  • is available to clients across the province through online delivery 
  • consists of 5 modules (each 7 weeks in duration, with 30-35 hours required per module)

In-class Schedule for 2014

Date Description
Feb - Mar Socio - Cultural Competency Skills
Apr - May The Engineering Profession and Workplace in Canada
Sep - Oct Oral Communication Skills
Nov - Dec Written Communication Skills

How to Apply

Permanent Residents

All Other Applicants

Send your application and payment (payable to ESL, Memorial University) to:

English as a Second Language Programs
Spencer Hall, 3rd floor
Memorial University
St. John's, NL
A1B 3X9