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English Placement Test for Bachelor's and Graduate Students


Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Notice of Second  Sitting for Spring 2016
If you arrived after May 6th and missed the first placement test, please register for the 2nd sitting

All students beginning a degree (NOT ESL) program at Memorial University for the first time in May 2016   (or who did not take the placement test previously)  whose first language is not English and who have not completed a degree in an all-English medium university are reminded of the time and place of the required English language placement test:

Written Test

TIME: Monday, May 16, 2016  4:30 - 7:00 PM

PLACE:   Spencer Hall SP3011 

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! Please complete the registration form, being sure to answer all questions.

Please note that this test is required in ADDITION to TOEFL and IELTS. You must take this test if you were required to submit an IELTS, TOEFL, MELAB or other test of English proficiency score for admission to Memorial University.

This test includes a test of reading comprehension (mostly multiple choice questions) and an essay on a given topic.