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Custom Designed Courses

The English as a Second Language Program at Memorial University offers high-quality, custom-designed English language training courses for groups. It has extensive experience offering English for Academic Purposes and Intensive English Programs and in testing students for placement in appropriate language classes. English for Special Purposes courses and programs are offered such as English for Healthcare Professionals, English for Business Purposes, etc.

The ESL Program maintains a wide collection of reference and teaching materials to assist its instructors and tutors in the preparation of courses in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Audio and multimedia English language learning materials are available for use in the university language labs.

Students in special programs offered by the ESL Program may join the Conversation Partner Program which matches international students with local students for extra practice in conversational English.

The Director of English as a Second Language Programs plans and oversees all programs offered, ensuring the hiring of well-qualified instructors and the use of appropriate teaching materials and syllabi.

We invite you to benefit from the advantages our expertise and resources offer for your program.