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Undergraduate Studies in English

The study of English focuses on two activities - reading and writing. In your courses, right through the programme, and at every level, you will be reading literary works and you will be writing about what you have read.

In some courses, you may concentrate on your writing. In others, the emphasis will be on reading and interpretation. But rarely are reading and writing ever separated.

In one stream, the theatre/drama option, you may also be acting or working on productions. But, even here, interpretation and careful reading are very important.

A degree in English represents your hard work at learning to interpret and to write interpretively. It is a valuable training in the way language works. Above all, it is a valuable training in the way language is used imaginatively. The English Department's goals in teaching are to enable students to read well, to write well, and to think well, and to provide them with appropriate knowledge in the discipline of English language and literature. For more information regarding the English Department's pedagogical objectives, click here.