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Andy Jones, of CODCO fame and recently author of The Queen of Paradise's Garden, was our Writer-In-Residence in Fall 2009. See

May Convocation 2009: Congratulations to our new graduates!

Awarded PhD

Mark Anderson (supervisor: Dr. Noreen Golfman)
Adam Beardsworth (supervisor: Dr. Bradley Clissold)
Paul Chafe (supervisor: Dr. Ronald Rompkey)

Graduate co-ordinator with new paradox:

Dr. Anderson (left), Dr. Nichol (middle) and Dr. Chafe (right). Spring Convocation, 26 May 2009.

Awarded MA:

Ken Jessome
Christopher Button
Marco Campagna
Shannon Fraser


Congratulations to our 2009 SHHRC winners!

Samuel Martin (PhD)
Stephanie Dohey (MA)
Megan Hoskins (MA)


September 12, 2009: Graduate Orientation, details here

October 26, 2009: SSHRC application deadline for graduate funding


October Convocation, 2008


Carol Goodman (supervisor: Dr. Bernice Schrank)
Helene Staveley (supervisor: Dr. Noreen Golfman)
Helen Patey (supervisor: Dr. Bernice Schrank)


David Andrews
Kathleen Cartmell
Andrea Gardner
Tom Halford
Ruth Jacobs
Sarah Mortensen
Melissa Perry

Congratulations to Amanda Jernigan (MA 2007) for winning a major award!

Amanda won the prestigious NAGS (Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools) Award for her master’s thesis entitled "Wholes and Parts (All Puns Intended): The Mereological Vision of Richard Outram’s Poetic Sequences".

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