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 Welcome to Process Engineering at Memorial University

Process engineering is the transformation of one materials into higher value products. Think milk to cheese, ore to iron and steel, crude oil to gasoline.

We are the first in Canada to offer a bachelor’s degree in Process Engineering with a mandatory co-op program. The co-op program ensures exposure to real-life engineering that is integral to the success as an engineer. Our courses and research emphasize environmentally conscious sustainable engineering. Process Engineering focuses on the conservation of resources (life cycle analysis) in their transformation to products in an efficient, safe, and reliable manner. We cover process engineering in all industries with a focus on oil and gas and mineral processing because of their importance in our local and Canadian economies. Undergraduate students develop strong problem solving, project management, communication, and leadership skills.

Opportunities: that’s what you’ll have here as an engineering student. Opportunities to learn from highly motivated, engaged, and caring professors. Opportunities to work in a range of industries from oil production to petroleum refining to biofuel processing. Opportunities to learn in state-of-the-art laboratories and opportunities to participate in unique research projects that are changing the future of engineering.

Memorial is a welcoming campus with approachable academic staff who will challenge you and help you to do your best. You can learn about our department, staff and news on this website. There are specific sections for undergraduate, graduate and future students. Many of our current research projects and facilities are also captured here.

Best of luck in your engineering studies. We’re here to help you succeed.

Dr. Lesley James
Department Head


Process Engineering

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