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Methods Courses

3050 The Teaching of French as a Second Language in the Primary and

Elementary Grades (PE,ME) is an introduction to the general principles of

second-language teaching, to the curriculum materials currently prescribed

for use in the schools, and to a consideration of teaching strategies and

evaluation techniques associated with these materials.

PR: French 2101

4151 Advanced French Methodology (IS,ISI,NS) is an in-depth analysis of

the nature and purpose of the French program. Topics include a brief

overview of the history of French teaching methodologies, an introduction to

the research literature, an evaluation of techniques, and a consideration of

issues facing the teaching of French.

PR: ED 4154 (or permission of the Office of Undergraduate Student


4154 The Teaching of French in the Intermediate and Secondary

School (IS, ISI, ME) gives an introduction to the nature and purpose of

French programs at the Intermediate and Secondary school levels. Topics

include: an overview of the characteristics and aims of French programs

including Core French and French Immersion. The course will explore basic

principles, techniques, strategies, and practices relating to teaching French

as a second language, as well as characteristics of second-language lesson


AR = Attendance requirement; CH = Credit hours are 3 unless otherwise noted; CO = Co-

4155 Introduction to Teaching in French Immersion in the Primary and

Elementary Grades (PE,ME) is a brief overview of the development of

French Immersion programs; aims and objectives of French Immersion;

evaluation of the extent to which objectives and materials can reflect those

of the regular English classroom; analysis of differences between teaching in

the French Immersion classroom and the core French, the French mother

tongue, and the regular English classrooms; general teaching strategies

appropriate to the level of French language development in the immersion


OR: this course will be conducted in French

4250 and 4251 Institute for Teaching French in Immersion Programs

Courses (PE) - inactive course.

4252 and 4253 Institute in the Teaching of Social Studies in French

Immersion Courses (PE) - inactive course.

4254 and 4255 Institute in the Teaching of Mathematics in French

Immersion Courses (PE) - inactive course.

3052 and 3053 Institute for Teachers of Core French in the Elementary

Grades (PE) - inactive course