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Scent of sawdust and 3D printing to lure hands-on learners

Dr. Gerald Galway and Prof. David Gill

The scent of sawdust and woodchips conjures up memories of junior and senior high school Industrial Arts shops for a group of local educators gathered around a woodworking table in the Faculty of Education's Technology Education Centre at Memorial University.

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Finding creative inspiration in the splendid isolation of Fogo Island

Dr. Ursula Kelly on Fogo Island

When friends, family and colleagues get together over the summer, and chat about their adventures and travels, Dr. Ursula Kelly can boast a little about her four weeks spent as cast-a-way on an island in the remote north Atlantic.

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Tech education students take advantage of teachable moments

Technology education students at the front of the class in PD workshops

As technology education students near the end of their program in August, they're putting the final touches on sessions for educators about the integration of technology into the classroom. The sessions are part of Stemfest NL being held at the Marine Institute (MI) this weekend, July 30-31.

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