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Innovative and Effective Practices in Online Learning (Classroom Study)

The purpose of this five-year study study is to investigate learner-centered (LC) practices in a context of e-teaching at the high-school level. The objectives are as follows: (1) Identify, describe and document existing e-teaching practices congruent with LC principles as defined by the American Psychological Association [APA] (1993); (2) Identify and describe potential e-teaching practices congruent with the LC principles; (3) Evaluate the practices in relation to their effectiveness (in terms of student-learning), feasibility (possibilities and problems), scalability (to other subject areas and teachers), and sustainability (beyond the period of the study); (4) Critically appraise the LC principles with respect to e-teaching at the high-school level in a CDLI context. The study will adopt a design experiment approach involving formative iterations of evaluate and refine, with a dual focus on theory and practice and with collaboration between the researcher and participants.

This project is a sub-project of The Killick Centre.


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