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Graduate Studies


The Master of Education (Educational Leadership Studies) is designed to prepare candidates for leadership in Education.
In addition to meeting the requirements in the general degree regulations, students must have completed a range and number of courses in Education deemed appropriate by the Faculty and Dean of Education.

The Master of Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Studies) provides opportunities for students to investigate pertinent issues in these interrelated areas from a variety of perspectives: philosophical, historical, social, cultural, cognitive, and technological. The conceptual bases of curriculum, teaching, and learning are explored and analysed along with related examples of historical and current policies and practices. The program encourages the development of broad-based insights into issues related to these areas through an emphasis on critical inquiry and reflective practice. It supports students in the development and enhancement of research capabilities and professional expertise and practice.

The Master of Education (Information Technology) is offered in partnership with the Cape Breton University (CBU). It is designed to facilitate the educational use of information technology in a wide variety of settings. The programme will be of interest to educators at all levels including K-12 teachers, school administrators, those in the post-secondary system, business and industry, as well as those in most other adult learning situations.

The Master of Education (Post-Secondary Studies) program is designed to prepare graduates for employment in a variety of roles in informal and formal post-secondary learning environments (including academic, adult, professional, technical trades, and professional education, and student services/development). The program of study, which may be completed via on-line distance education, consists of courses designed to facilitate a study of post-secondary educational systems through an examination of their foundations, directions, organization, and administration as well as curriculum and instructional development options for occupational preparation and adult education.

The Master of Education (Counselling Psychology) is to prepare highly knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated, and ethical professional practitioners, who will endeavour to enhance human potential throughout the life span and who can effectively practice within a variety of settings.

The Master of Arts and Education (Education and Francophone Literature and Cultures) is designed for teachers of French and French immersion who wish to learn more about Francophone literature and culture to enhance their practice and improve their French language skills.

The Ph.D. in Education program enables candidates to pursue a rigorous and in-depth specialization in Post-Secondary Studies. Under the supervision of a committee of faculty members, the doctoral program prepares graduates for faculty and leadership positions in adult learning and post-secondary institutional settings.

Graduate Diploma Programs

  • The Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership Studies provides students with an opportunity to explore a broad range of issues in educational leadership, policy and administration. It prepares candidates to assume leadership roles in a variety of settings, including school and district leadership, post-secondary institutions and policy analysis.


  • The Graduate Diploma in Post-Secondary Studies (Health Professional Education) enables health professionals to develop their skills as teachers and leaders in educational program design, development, evaluation, and administration. This graduate diploma is intended for educators and educational leaders of formal and informal post-secondary health professional education programs.

Note: Students enrolled in the Diploma programs may request transfer to the Master of Education programs.


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