Vol. 26, Nos. 3-4 ISSN 0384-5028

Winter 99


Critical Perspectives on Rural Education Reform
Dennis M. Mulcahy

Re-thinking Teaching Strategies: Implications of the APEF English Language Arts Curriculum for Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers
Roberta F. Hammett

The Nature of Student-Tutor Interactions: A Look Inside a Math Help Center
John Grant McLoughlin

Some Observations on School- Community- Family Relations in Selected Schools in Newfoundland
J. Andrews; L Andrews; V. Harris-Anstey; D. Coady; R. Cowan; K. Dwyer; P. Edwards; C. Finn-Pike; Amarjit Singh

What Are Learner-Centered Schools?
Jerome G. Delaney

Placement Testing and Remedial Mathematics for Post-Secondary Students: Prescription for Success?
Chris Brown

Views of Post-secondary Instructors and Their Employers on the Importance of Pre-service Teacher Training
Beverly Fleet; George Hache