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Vol. 37, Nos. 3-4.                ISSN 0384-5028                   Winter 2010

In this issue:
Students' Perceptions of Effective Teaching in Higher Education
Jerome Delaney, Albert Johnson, Trudi Johnson and Dennis Treslan

Decision Making and Depth of Knowledge
William T. Fagan

Passing the Torch: Emergent Scholars of Canadian School Leadership
Kirk Anderson

Examining Student-Professor Confidentiality: What are the Expectations for Psychology Professors?
Stephanie A. Dalton and Gregory E. Harris

Classroom Management: You Are in charge!
Pauline Finlay-Molloy

Classroom Management: Dos and Doníts for New Teachers
Jeanette Laaning and Carmen Rowse

Book Review

Delaney, Jerome. (2007). Legal Dimensions of Education: Implications for Teachers and School Administrators. Calgary: Detselig.
John Hoben