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Vol. 39, Nos. 1-2.                ISSN 0384-5028                   Fall 2011

In this issue:



A Tribute to Our Colleague and Friend, Dr. David Dibbon

Bruce Sheppard



Guest Editors


Susan Dintoe and Margaret Wakeham, Ph.D. Candidates, Faculty of Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland



Susan Dintoe and Margaret Wakeham


The Effect of Fair Dealing for Digital Content in Canadian Education System - Distance Education

Susan Dintoe


Okay, Well How About Applied Liberal Education? Making a case for the Humanities through Medical Education

Christopher Martin


Opus 42: Agency as Education's Great Imperative

Tim Seifert


Book Review

Ernst, C. & Chrobot-Mason, D. (2011). Boundary spanning leadership: Six practices for solving problems, driving innovation, and transforming organizations. New York: McGraw Hill.

Margaret Wakeham