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Vol. 37, Nos. 1-2.                ISSN 0384-5028                   Fall 2009

In this issue:

Guest Editors

Kate Bride, Connie Morrison and John Hoben, Ph.D. Canditaes, Faculty of Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Living Lives Between Borders: Interdisciplinary Academic Work & The Search for Transformative Openings
Kate Bride, Connie Morrison and John Hoben, Guest Editors

The Illusion of Certainty
Clar Doyle

Sexual Health Education: Silenced by Diplomacy and Political Correctness
Melody E. Morton Ninomiya

Youth as Knowledge Constructors and Agents of Educational Change
Morgan Gardner, Ann McCann, Angela Crockwell

The Black Days of Bear Markets: Defending a Democratic Conception of Higher Education
John Hoben

Book Review Essay

Extraordinary Evil: A Brief History of Genocide... And Why It Matters by Barbara Coloroso. Toronto: Viking Canada (Penguin), 2007.
Elizabeth Yeoman

Readings Compiled

Globalism, Neo-liberalism, Public Schools and Higher Education: Is Your Academic Institution Moving Toward Corporate Model Under Globalism and Neo-liberalism: What Is Being Said And Done Around You And What Should You Observe, Say And Do?
Amarjit Singh