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Vol. 33, Nos. 1-2

ISSN 0384-5028 Fall 2005

Special Issue with Guest Editor Karen Goodnough

The Challenge of Scientific Literacy
Karen Goodnough Special Guest Editor

What is Scientific Literacy and Why Do We Need It?
Derek Hodson

Fostering Higher Levels of Scientific Literacy: Confronting Potential Barriers To Science Understanding
Karen Sullenger

Understanding and Addressing Evolutions In "Scientific Literacy" Using Web-based Tools
G. Michael Bowen

Scientific Literacy To Avoid A "Progress Trap"
Leo Elshof

Scientific Literacy, STS and Assessment: Lessons from TIMSS
Anthony W. Bartley and Graham Orpwood

Learning In Communities Of Practice: The Science Across The Curriculum Project
Karen Goodnough

Action Research On The Use of WebCT™ With A Late French Immersion Science Class: A Teacher's Perspective
Jessica Webb

Using Vermicomposting To Increase Environmental Awareness In Primary School: An Action Research Project
Norma Aylward, Darlene Halleran and Carol Ann Fagan