Just Remember
by Monica Goulet

Just remember that this struggle is part of a
larger dream.
From where I sit and where you stand the
vantage point is quite different.
From what my kookum told me about my
past and what your grandfather wrote about
yours, there's a radical difference.
From what my children come home from
school crying about is quite opposite what
your children tell you.
From what I feel at your universities they are
not really my universities yet...
But maybe if you open the door and your
heart to welcome me here,
Maybe I can still shut the door in my mind that
remembers when you told me I didn't really
belong here...
And maybe just maybe, you'll finally accept
that I too have ancestors that were
articulate, creative, perceptive, intelligent
dynamic people
But don't continue to expect me to embrace
your Shakespeares, Mozarts, Picassos, and
I can no more be like them than I could be
like your Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella,
Rapunzel or Barbie.
Nor do I wish to be.
And my ancestors and I grow weary of
telling you this...