Hi! My name is MICHAEL LOSINSKI.  I am a student of Memorial University.

       My present area of study is the intermediate secondary program offered by the faculty of education.  I completed a pure math degree in 1994, and then proceeded to achieve a minor in history.  Before I started my intermediate secondary program at mun, I use to work with a great company that supported my education, and was Quite flexible with my hours.  I worked for a company called:


     If I didn't have the drive to become a mathematics teacher I would not of ended my career with British Bazaar.  British Bazaar was a great place to work.


         Math is the reason why I wanted to become a teacher.  I have always loved solving mathematical problems, and quickly found out that I had the ability to tutor students.  So I decided to become a mathematics teacher.  One of the courses I am taking this semester is Ed. 4161, Math Methods.  The course instructor, Mr. H. Andrews, introduced us to a new, interactive, level 1 math course called Math 1204.  This course is changing the way mathematics will be taught in the very near future.  I am very excited about this new interactive approach.  Mr. Andrews had us develop, and present a lesson, from this new level 1 course,  to our education class.  I believe it was a great success and I will be saving this lesson for a future level 1 class of mine.  To view this lesson please click Lesson Plan.


     Math can be very exciting and fun to teach.  The new level 1 math course, 1204, is a course that needs to be exciting and fun.  I believe that in order to get good results back from these level 1 students, math teachers need to be creative, and learn to have fun.  Some really informational and fun sites for math are:
Brain Teasers
Projects, Fun Sites
Sites For Teachers
Games and Puzzles
Teacher Chatrooms
Math Quotes


   Group projects:

               I would like to share with you a group project that I had to submit for Education 4361.

                                                                        Group Project

         If you would like to investigate other group projects, developed this year in 4361, click here:


 I would like to say that I really enjoyed working with the members of this group.  I especially enjoyed the developing of the skit that we had to present in front of the class.  I never laughed as much, all semester, as I did when we developed the skit on behavior.  It was a great stress reliever.

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