Physical Education Lesson Plan


Team Handball               Lesson 1           Student-centered

Subject: Passing Time: 50 min. Level: Grades 10-12 (~ 24 students)

Equipment: 15-20 handballs, 24 cones, & pinnies.


  • Through guided discovery I want the students to discover the proper techniques for performing the overhead, bounce & pronation pass, while stationary & in motion. 
  • Then relate these skills to a game situation.

Intro: (2 min) 

  • Tell class that we are focusing on 3 types of passes in handball that they will learn through guided discovery.

Warm up: (5 min) Team-Tag: 

  • 1person starts as ‘it’ & tries to tag others. 
  • When tagged you join teams with ‘it’ & hold hands. 
  • For every multiple of 2 the team splits & forms more groups that are also ‘it’. E.g. 4 people will split to form 2 teams of 2.

Stretching: (3 min)

Teaching points - Overhead & Bounce Pass: (do not tell them the points first, rather allow them to experiment and guide them there).

1.  Side of body facing target, weight back.
2. Rotate body forward, leading with elbow.
3. Hold ball higher than head to shoot over defender.
4. Should have 2 right angles: 1 with biceps & forearm, other with triceps 
    & side of body.
5. Bounce pass same as above, except pass in front of person and 
    bounce of floor.

Activity 1: Overhead pass - no movement (8 min)

  • With partner vary distance apart (8-25 ft.) and pass ball to each other.
  • Use any creative way you can think of. (show some of the very creative methods).
  • Now attempt to pass the way you expect it to be performed.
  • What is the most effective method? Why?
  • Use someone who is doing it correctly to run through teaching points (1-4).
  • What do you notice about the pass when you vary distance? (long = more force needed).
  • What are some things we can do to get more force to increase distance? 
Twist body - try it with and without twisting.
Step forward - try it; which foot is better?
3 steps & jump off opposite foot. - try it.

Activity 2: Bounce pass - no movement (3 min).

  • Technique for the bounce pass is the same as the overhead pass.
  • Where is the best place for the ball to bounce? Try it close & far.
  • Vary force, distance, & level.

Activity 3: Bounce & Overhead pass with movement (5 min).
Safety-keep head up looking for others and balls.

  • Moving in general space use either pass to partner.
  • Which pass works best in different situations? E.g. far apart, person in the way, etc.
  • Now vary speed of receiver, what did you notice about your pass?

Teaching Points - Pronation Pass:
1. Elbow of shooting arm at your side.
2. Quick side pass to partner (short distances).

Activity 4: Pronation pass (4 min).

  • Stand (sides facing; not front) about 6-8 feet from partner.
  • If you cannot turn or twist, how can you pass to partner?
  • Show creative ideas. Ask which way is most effective.
  • Eventually get to proper technique.

Activity 5: Triangle/Square pass (8 min).

  • 4 people per group, 1 ball, 4 cones.
  • Use 3 cones to form triangle, 1 person on each cone and defender in center.
  • Offense pass ball using 3 methods before defender touches them.
  • Defender can touch person holding ball or get ball when passed, if successful switch with passer.
  • Add other cone to form square, now one opening and players must fill open cone next to player with ball to receive pass (no long pass, only to sides).
  • Involves a lot of movement and creative thinking by students.

Activity 6: Modified game of handball (7 min).

  • No dribbling, but can take 3 steps & pass/shoot.
  • 2 cones close together for small goals, no crease or goalie.
  • 6 teams of 4, play cross court (3 courts of 2 teams or 2 courts of 3 teams and rotate).
1. Everyone on team must receive ball before shot is taken, or 
2. minimum of 4 passes, or
3. must see all 3 types of passes.

Cool Down and Summary (5 min).

  • Go over technical points of each pass by asking them questions.
  • Ask when and why you would use a certain pass.
  • Relate to other activities.


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