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Sparking Interest

Children's interests develop early in life and have long-lasting influences on future attitudes and choices. Parents, educators and others can do a great deal to spark girls' curiosity and excitement in science in the world around them.

Outreach Organizations

The Newfoundland Science Centre
Winner of 1999 Michael Smith Award

The Newfoundland Science Centre (NSC), located in the Murray Premises, Beck's Cove, is a great place for kids of all ages to visit and play in an interactive science environment.
Newfoundland Science Centre - sparking interest

 There are lots of neat activities to stimulate the whole family. 

The NSC also offers great science birthday parties, overnighters, programming for the Girl Guides of Canada, and Curriculum Connections Workshops for kindergarten to Grade 7. For further information on these and other programs, call 754-0823, or e-mail and check out their web page at

A New Site for Youth and Science

YEC Online, a fully interactive youth-centred science website for Eastern Canadians aged 13-18 was just launched in Sept. 2002. YEC Online presents topics of interest about science to youth on their own terms. YEC Online is a component of the Atlantic Provinces Council on the Science’s (APICS) Youth Education and Communication Program (YEC). Young Canadians will find out about science secrets, science in the world around them, science careers, fun resources and events in their communities.  Check out this attractive site at

The Big Idea - Get with IT!

On Sept. 23, 1999, the NSC launched the Big Idea:Get with IT.  This multimedia curriculum tool is targeted at grades 4-9 and explores information technology (IT) by incorporating technology education curriculum in a fun, interactive and problem-solving way.  The CD-ROM also includes a teacher's resource package.  Contact the NSC for more information on obtaining a copy.

Also check the Events calendar for the latest science adventures at the NSC.

WISE Newfoundland and Labrador

WISE members give interesting and engaging presentations on careers to Brownie and Guide groups and other young people's organizations. Also available from WISE are two award-winning videos on science careers and a career poster series.

Future SET

Bring a little science excitement into your summer this year! Summer camps for students who have finished grades 3 through 8, run from the end of June to mid-August.  For information on Future SET week-long camps with hands-on activities, group challenges, building projects, science experiments and games, call 753-7714 and check out

Let's Talk Science 

Let's Talk Science, a national organization with its beginnings at the University of Western Ontario, provides an effective grass roots approach to science education in Canada. It is primarily volunteer-based and seeks to demonstrate the relevance of science in everyday life. Among its activities is a school visits program which has female and male graduate students from science and engineering disciplines take hands-on, interactive demonstrations to schools. Students get to do some fun science, learn about education and career options, and meet engaging role models. Educators gain additional resources and career information to enhance their classes.

Let's Talk Science at Memorial University is coordinated by Mandy Woodland, a masters student in the Faculty of Medicine. For information on K-12 school visits or becoming a volunteer, contact  Mandy

For more information on Let's Talk Science programs and some great hands-on activities for teachers, check into their website at

Canadian Association for Girls in Science

CAGIS is a network of girls, aged 7-16 who like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and want to learn more. Their website at provides puzzles, science fun, a newsletter, information on joining, and an interactive club house.

Girl Guides of Canada Active in Science Too!

Check out the Girl Guides Girl's fun activities site

Fisheries and Marine Institute

MI has 24 K-12 marine related educational topics on it site

Discover Engineering and Geoscience

The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland (APEGN) has developed a new program called Discover Engineering and Geoscience (DEG).  This program is currently aimed at grades 9 - 12 and the goal is to foster interest in engineering and geoscience as a career.  Essentially, volunteers with a knowledge base of engineering and geoscience are contacted by a school or teacher and they are asked to go into the school for perhaps an hour and speak on their area of expertise or knowledge. 

The program is replacing the "Innovators In The Schools" program and will be administered through APEGN's web site  Teachers can browse the DEG web site (a link to this site is located on APEGN's site) to become familiar with what the program has to offer and as well, they can get some generic information on these careers.  If they want someone to come in and talk, they can then enter a secure area that only teachers have a password for and browse the volunteer list looking for a suitable speaker.

We are always looking for more volunteers and it would be great to have lots of women available to show the children that women are great in these professions.  Feel free to browse the site to find out more or you can contact Jennifer Meaney ( or 737-5451), if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering. 

The Association of Professional Engineers, Geophysicists and Geoscientists of Alberta is featuring careers of members called " A Day in the Life". The website is