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Advisory Board


The purpose of the Board is to advise the Chair and the University about needs, issues, and activity which affect women's participation in science and engineering. In addition to commenting on the effectiveness of the programs of the Chair, the Board also enables the Chair to communicate directly with representatives from different sectors.


Members are individuals from the extended community who are recognized for their experience and accomplishments in an area important to the work of the Chair. These include secondary school, university, public media, provincial government, resource development, information technology, environmental assessment, and finance.

Current members include: 

Dr. C. Loomis, Acting VP Research & International Relations,
Memorial University, Chair
Dr. J. Botsford, President & CEO, Operation ONLINE Inc.
Dr. M. Brown, Policy & Program Development Specialist
       Dept. of Human Resources & Employment
Ms. H. Bruce-Veitch, Director, Staff Development,
Iron Ore Company of Canada, Ltd.
Ms. R. Gleason, Undergraduate Engineering Student,
Memorial University
Dr. R. Janes, Mathematics Consultant
Ms. K. Keating, President, WISE Newfoundland & Labrador
Mr. W. Lahey, Employee Relations Supervisor, Abitibi Consolidated
Dr. R. Lucas, Dean, Science, Memorial University
Ms. S. MacDonald, ADM, Women's Policy Office
Ms. A. Noftall, Student, Mount Pearl Collegiate
Mr. J. Price, Regional Director General, Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans
Ms. G. Raymond, VP Human Resources and  Environment, Health and Safety, Petro-Canada
Dr. G. Rayner-Canham, Professor of Chemistry,
Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Memorial University.
Dr. R. Seshadri, Dean, Engineering & Applied Science,
Memorial University
Ms. S. Sherk, Senior Human Development Consultant,
AGRA Earth and Environmental
Ms. M. Stack, Financial Consultant, Merrill Lynch Canada
Ms. L. Stead, Graduate Student, Biochemistry, Memorial University